Circus Location

The Mixed Media Circus will raise it’s big top in Hamburg, Germany at the CafeSternChance in Schanzenpark.

Der Mixed Media Zirkus wird seine Zelte in Hamburg im Schanzenpark im Cafe SternChance.

Hamburg is Germany’s second biggest city, up in the North and is Nat’s homebase. Hamburg has a big port and is located at the River Elbe. Besides the visit of our circus there are many wonderful things to do in Hamburg. With lot’s of canals (locals call it the Venice of the North) and different neighborhoods there is a lot to see in Hamburg.

*old ware house destrict – Speicherstadt*

*Harbour with St. Michaelis Church – in short “Der Michel” in the background*

*Schanzenviertel – neighborhood where Nat lives – and the circus probably will be too 🙂 – lot’s of shopping, pubs, restaurants etc.*

*in November we often have stunning sunsets – here you see the tv-tower that will follow you around in Hamburg*


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